Bintan Power Plant

Project Cases


9 Natural Gas Power plants, generating over 14,000 Mega Watt

2 Wind farm generating 1000 Mega Watt in Malaysia



• 9 Natural Gas plants will be producing 1320 Megawatt of power, individually

• 2 Wind farms in South China Sea, 500 Megawatt, individually, Malaysia

• Wind Project of Wind Turbine on Bintan Island ( to be confirmed )

• Our New Projects will be producing 12,880 Mega Watt of power adding to our actual 13,000 mega watt that we are generating.

In addition to building a power plant at Galang Batang, PT Bintan Power Plant also intends to construct:

150 KV transmission network, along 120 km:


• Power block to Tanjung Uban

• Power block to Trikora

• Power block to Ekang Anculai (electricity substation for Lagoi Resort Bintan)

• Power block to Tanjung Uban (electricity substation for Lobam industries)

• Power block to Tanjung Uban (electricity substation for Pertamina) 20 KV Distribution network, along 15 km:

• Power block to Kijang

• Power block to Sun Resort Batulicin

• Power block to companies in East Bintan Maritime Industrial Estate


To supply electrical energy generated by PT Bintan Power Plant, 10 substations will be built, form 150 KV / 20 KV systems, covering

• Kijang Substation

• Batulicin Substation

• Kawal/Trikora Substation

• CBD Bintan Substation

• Lagoi Substation

• Lobam Substation

• Pertamina Substation

• Tanjung Uban Substation