PT Bintan Power Plant

Education & Community

BPP aims to improve its environmental performance by promoting social responsibility and development programs to the community surrounding the project area.

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities are focused on Education Quality Improvement, Community Empowerment, Health & Environment Improvement and Development of Alternative Energy.

Education Quality Improvement

The survey carried out in the early days of BPP operation reveals that the community expected improvement in educational facilities. This is why the community development efforts have been concentrated in education so that more children can receive formal education. As an early step, the Company supported renovation of school buildings within the Bintan sub-regency, conducted trainings for the teachers and provided scholarships for students from less fortunate families.

Community Empowerment

BPP in cooperation with community with the local. The cooperative currently has 200 members and provides assistance in the form of loans and coaching to the communities to run their small businesses. There are various businesses currently being run by the communities such as handcrafting and fisheries.

To improve the credentials of the cooperative, BPP also hires the cooperative as contractor to provide gardening and cleaning services at the power plant. The cooperative is now able to compete with others to get similar contracts from other power plants in Bintan.

BPP is also providing quidance and support to wood crafters at Galang Batang village in business development. In 2014, BPP has started providing guidance and support to the Women Cooperative in production of “Green” bags, catering business and local batik production.

Community Health Improvement

BPP has established cooperation with Hospitals and Puskesmas Best Service program. The program includes improvement in the public service quality, reduction in maternity mortality rate and initiation of early breast feeding. Puskesmas Bintan and Puskesmas Tanjung Pinang have been made as pilot projects for this program.

Development of Alternative Energy

BPP is also focusing on development of alternative BPP is also focusing on development of alternative energy in order to improve the environment and health of the community.

Most of the community members own cows.The biological waste from the cows can be put into a process to generate methane or biogas.

The biogas can be utilized for cooking and fueling a lamp. This way, the community can save money normally allocated for buying kerosene or elpiji (liquid petroleum gas).BPP built 70 biogas units in 2013. In 2014, BPP is targeting to build another 100 units.