Transforming the Generation and Transmission of Energy


We have secured a series of
technology infrastructure projects

9 Natural power plants on Bintan island, Indonesia


2 Wind energy farms at the Sea in Malaysia.


The transition from conventional grids to smart grid systems, provided by NewX Energy through the decentralization of energy distribution.


NewX Energy, our managing sister company created a financial instrument to help other power plants to finance their conversion:

Part of our mission is to influence other energy companies to convert the unclean energy generated from their power plants to facilitate a greener energy production and distribution.

By Implementing smart grid system, eliminating energy wastage and creating efficiency in the process.

Convert coal power plants to Natural gas power plant.

Build wind farm and install solar panel on remote area.

Help remote communities to have access to a clean and affordable power.


PT BPP is a CPP License holder

Bintan Power plant holds a Captive power plant (CPP) license. This enables the company to distribute locally sourced electricity to users. Also, the company is authorized to generate, distribute and transmit electricity from private individuals, commercial, industrial energy users.

With this license, the company can choose to operate as an independent entity from the local authority distribution system. The license also gives us The ability to export excess power to the local authority network.


. PT BPP is offering a cleaner energy production and distribution for
metaverse companies at a much affordable electricity price.

By our partnership with our sister company NewX Energy, which is the first energy company to enter the Metaverse. We seek to provide affordable, clean and efficient energy production for Metaverse companies in order to lower the cost of electricity and minimize carbon emission foot prints.


Bintan Power Plant (BPP) Group was established in 2002 in Indonesia with the strategic aim to develop power plants throughout South East Asia. BPP Group is an energy producer and utility company valued at US$25.4 billion, having secured a series of technology infrastructure projects involving 11 new power plants across South East Asia.

BPP Group holds a Captive Power Plant (CPP) license which allows for distribution from a localized source of power to an energy user, with the ability to export surplus power to the local electricity distribution network or even to operate independently of the local electricity distribution system.

Partnership with NewX Energy

In 2020, NewX Energy signed an exclusive partnership with Bintan Power Plant Group worth USD $2.64 billion. The essence of this partnership is in line with the Group's mission to leverage technological innovation to make affordable energy accessible to consumers worldwide, thereby driving economic progress.

NewX and PTBPP have identified global opportunities for the joint venture and are currently in discussions with private utility operators in the Middle East, South America and South East Asia who plan to deploy NewX's technological solutions.

A new age financial instrument.

NewX Energy's NewNits token was created to allow a decentralized form of payment of electricity bills. The traditional payment system was centralized, with energy companies serving as intermediaries between the end users and providers.

Leveraging on blockchain technology because of its transparency and imutability, NewNits will be used to pay electricity bills. Removing the need for a third party to validate transactions.


Bintan Power Plant

About Us


Our mission is to transform the way energy is generated, transmitted and distributed to the end users across South East Asia, by leveraging technological advancements, resulting in efficient energy production without bringing harm to the natural ecosystem.


Our vision is to generate, transmit, and distribute high-quality power while adhering to international standards and assisting developing countries in taking the first step toward cleaner energy production and distribution.

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