Bintan Power Plant



Martin Soebijantoro is the Director of PT. Bintan Power plant. Born in Bulumasi in 1949, Martin is an Indonesian citizen. He gained his Dipl. Ing Degree in Mechanical Engineer Majoring in Gas & Steam Turbine Friderciana University Karlsruhe, West Germany in 1976. Martin Started his career in 1977-1980 working at PT. Sac Nusantara & Brockshoven as Sub Contractor for Pluit Dam Project. He is Fluent in Indonesian, Germany, and English Languages.

In 1980 working in Ministry of Defense as an Instructor of Army Dozer Zettermeyer ZD 1700 & 3000,

In 1981-1982 start working in Waskita Karya, SAE, SEB, & COLAS France as Sub Contractor for International Soekarno Hatta Airport,

In 1982-1986 working in Brown Boveri & CIE West Germany as Project Director on Construction Extra High Voltage Transmission Project 525 KV for PLN Gandul and South Bandung,

In 1987-1990 working in Tobishima Corporation Japan as Sub Contractor for Electronic Engineering for Polytechnic Institute Surabaya-East Java,

In 1990-1992 working in Japanese Gas Corporation (JGC) & PT. Pertafeniki as Mechanical Engineering on Construction, Supervision work for EXOR 1 (Export Oriented Refinery) Project – Sub Contractor,

In 1992-1993 working in PT. Tugu Beton Pratama and PT. Summa Surya Perkasa as Sub Contractor Mechanical Engineer on Construction Supervision Work for Tambak Lorok Gas & Steam Power Plant Central Java Capacity 600 MW,

In 1994-1995 working in PT. Grahapurnalistna & Betchel International Corp. As Construction Manager of Muara Tawar Combined Cycle Power Plant 1100 MW,

In 1995- 1997 working in PT.Penta Valent as General Manager for The Division of Buildings Materials, in 1997-1998 he joined PT. Multi Guna Usaha as Business Development Manager

In 1990 – present working in Wiratman & Associates as Senior Energy Engineer of Power Plant Division Preparation of Erection First in Indonesian Nuclear Power Plant Year 2010 Collaboration with BATAN and UGM Energy Faculty,

The last in 2015 – present working in PT. Bintan Power Plant as Technical Supervisor.

Furthermore, he is a member of different Professional Societies as Komite Nasional Indonesia (World Energy Council), K.N.I – W.E.C, V.DI (Verein Deutcher Ingenieur) and attend many training courses with the following Manufacturer/factories such as:


• KWU (Kraftwerk Union Steam Turbine in Muehlheim

• Atomic Power Plant in Phillipsburg

• Steam Power Plant in Neurath

• Site Visit at “Concorde& Air Bus 300” Aircraft Industry and Satellite Assembling Workshop at Touluse, South France

• Completed Tessis in Atomic Research for Fast Bleeder Reactor at Leopoldshafen, Karlsurhe

• Completed Tessis on Vibration of 180 KW Steam Turbine at Baden Power Plant in Karlsurhe

• Concrete Simposium at Muenich 198