Bintan Power Plant



Tommy Imanuel, born in Tanjung Pinang. Cities that forge into a formidable personal so in 1980 at the age of 17 years dare to be bold and start his journey to the Capital Jakarta, who was still quite hard to survive in the city that are very diverse in many elements of culture, ethnicity, language. He continue to interact and learn how to do business with peers and colleagues, various business sectors have been run. In 1996, he was invited to join and trusted as Consultant at PT. Citacontrac PLN subsidiary until 2002.

Armed with the tenacity and dedication in deliver out the responsibility to engage in the business world and knowledge he gained as a Consultant, Tommy finally decided to cease being a consultant of the PLN subsidiary and set up a company in Bintan Island specifically to address and overcome the availability of electric power in Bintan Island, PT. Bintan Power Plant.

As the founder of PT. Bintan Power Plant, he has responsibility for the company to become multi player effect for the sustainability of supply electricity for industrial and housing so that it can participate educate and improve living standards for people in Bintan Island in particular and the Riau Islands is generally . Over time, in 2004 also initiated a survey for the supply of electricity on the island of Karimun.

In early 2010 he initiated the founder of a company such as on the island of Bintan, namely PT. Karimun Power Plant. His experience in the electricity sector for 20 years and interrupted his work as a businessman and President Director of PT. Bintan Power Plant, he still took the time to care about the social condition of the people of Indonesia to serve people in social activities Rama Nayoth Ministry to serve children and attend seminars.